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Are you ready for parcel lockers at your property?

 The growth of e-commerce has increased parcel volume by 48% over the past 2 years and there are no signs of slowing down. Additionally, package deliveries are projected to grow 17% - 28% each year between the years 2018 and 2021.* This proliferation of package deliveries has placed additional pressures on office staff of multifamily properties like yours and the efficiencies of their management processes.

That’s where we come in. From a quick 15-minute phone conversation we can help you develop solutions to your package management challenges.


*Parcel Shipping Index from Pitney Bowes 


Reduced Operational Costs

Multifamily communities are constantly posed with the challenge of accepting, sorting, and distributing packages. On average, our package management solutions save 24 hours per week from the package-delivery equation, allowing your staff to spend more time improving your community and closing leases.  

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Better Resident Satisfaction

Over 90% of residents are very satisfied with the convenience and speed of package pick-up with Parcel Pending. Additionally, our 24/7 Always-On Customer Service® provides the best possible experience for you and your residents. We troubleshoot package delivery issues and work directly with residents so you don’t have to. 

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Customizable Solutions

Parcel Pending offers the widest selection of locker configurations on the market. We have analyzed the millions of packages that have been delivered through our lockers and will recommend the best locker configuration for your property including locker size, color, and type.Request a Quote


Brian E.

VP, Marketing Insights, Cortland Partners


"Parcel Pending lockers are popular with our residents, and such satisfaction serves as a positive influence when it comes time for renewals. In addition, the package lockers are a popular feature that add extra appeal to new residents, which in turn attracted quality potential residents to the property as well."

Brittany K.

Property Manager


"Parcel Pending has restored at least 4+ hours per day to my front desk associate and has saved us even more time during the holiday 'package season' not to mention all the space we are now able to utilize in our office. Also, the Account Managers and Customer Service team are exceptional!"

Property managers, meet peace of mind.

Parcel Pending provides a solution for property managers to reduce expenses and help increase resident retention in apartments and multifamily communities.

Online shopping is experiencing a huge boom, which has in turn put higher stress on multifamily property managers. With multiple residents to manage, property managers find themselves struggling to effectively facilitate and distribute package deliveries. Apartment and multifamily community managers spend hours each day signing for packages, notifying residents of deliveries, and working with couriers.

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