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Eliminate Failed First Deliveries

In partnership with the University of Washington's Urban Freight Lab, Parcel Pending lockers were installed at the 62-floor Seattle Municipal Tower. During a 10 day study, Parcel Pending lockers showed an impressive 78% reduction in delivery time and a complete elimination in failed first deliveries. In addition to reducing both delivery and dwelling time and eliminating failed deliveries, the lockers provided added convenience and security for building management, tenants, and couriers.

Parcel shipping in the United States is projected to grow as much as 28 percent per year through 2021 from 13 billion packages in 2016. As e-commerce grows, so does an increase of delivery failures and waste associated with the delivery process. This creates a correlative rise in truck trips and dwelling time, which in turn adds to the inefficiency of urban truck parking spaces. With Parcel Pending lockers installed, the Seattle Municipal Tower accomplished the following:


Number of failed first deliveries for couriers

5.6 min

Average round trip delivery time for couriers


Total delivery time reduction for couriers

"It’s awesome! It actually saves me time and I like knowing the deliveries are secure and not just left at the door."

- FedEx Driver

"Using Parcel Pending has been a great experience. I would recommend it to anyone!"

- Package Recipient 

"[The lockers] are accessible to everyone and may be placed on public property without providing a special advantage to any one firm"

- Urban Freight Lab Director

"We’ve proven that lockers are a good solution for some of our urban freight challenges and should be part of our solutions toolkit."

- Founding Director, Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics Center