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Find out how a Large Public University used an intelligent locker system to manage 10K packages monthly and provide students with flexible, convenient package delivery.

The Large Public University’s student post office was staffed with two full-time employees and two students who delivered incoming mail and USPS® packages to approximately 6,000 students living on campus, while major carriers such as FedEx® and UPS® delivered directly to university-owned residences. The student post office was already challenged with managing the exponential growth of incoming USPS parcels when a new policy went into effect barring major carrier delivery to residence halls, adding another level of complexity and strain to their workload.

Download our case study to discover how Parcel Pending by Quadient package lockers helped the Large Public University manage 10,000 packages monthly and provide flexible, convenient package deliveries for its students.

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Our package lockers provided much-needed relief to the university mail services team.


Complaints about missing or undelivered packages have been all but eradicated.


Flexible, convenient package delivery has improved the student experience.

"The student experience is what it’s all about. They understood our main goal and offered the most comprehensive solution at the best value.”

John S. 
Director of Printing and Mailing Services

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About the Large Public University:

Ranked among the top 100 colleges and universities in the nation according to U.S. News & World Report, this public university prides itself on giving its students a major university experience in a private college atmosphere. With three campuses across the state supporting an undergraduate population of over 21,000 students, the university offers 170 degreed programs, state-of-the-art facilities, and cutting-edge research opportunities.