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Empowering mCommerce
and eCommerce Customers
with Faster Product Acquisition

Shoppers today are no longer satisfied with ordering products online and waiting for it to show up in their mailbox. Retailers need a solution that enables those shoppers to receive their purchases in hours instead of days while keeping costs under control.

The retail business is changing and becoming more complex. Retailers today are facing changes in what consumers demand, the way they behave and above all, the technology they use.

One of the biggest challenges retailers face today is the ever-growing popularity of online shopping. Pew Research reports that nearly 80 percent of consumers now shop online and 62 percent of them are making online purchases every week. Download the case study to learn more industry stats including:


of consumers chose to use the BOPIS process in the past six months


additional in-store purchases are made when customers picking up online orders


of retailers are planning to implement a BOPIS option in the next year

"I love the new pick up service! It makes me want to order more online!"

- Customer Feedback

"It was AWESOME! My six-year-old did the whole transaction. She can’t wait to do it again!"

- Customer Feedback

"I loved it. I was in the store for no more than 5 minutes. The experience is really cool and shows us what technology can do!"

- Customer Feedback

"This is a super awesome and creative concept. A very cool way to pick up online orders."

- Customer Feedback