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94% of residents

pick up their packages during non-business hours...

Acacia Capital is a real estate investment firm based in San Mateo California. Like most major players in the real estate space, they recognized that the boom in online shopping was resulting in a major increase of packages that its residents received. Download the case study to discover how package lockers helped solve its package management issues and generate a positive reaction from their residents.


Parcel lockers became the #1 amenity among residents.

Hours saved each week from package management. 


100% satisfaction with locker 
convenience and security.

"Parcel Pending’s installation was easy and we customize their lockers and our package rooms to our branding to make it exciting and fun for residents. I love their customer service and know that Parcel Pending has my back for anything I need."

George P. Dobbel Jr.
Senior Vice President, Asset Management
Acacia Capital



About Acacia Capital:

Acacia Capital is a real estate investment firm based in San Mateo, Calif. with extensive experience owning and operating apartments in major markets across the Western U.S. Throughout its 32-year history, Acacia has invested in nearly 30,000 apartment units.